Stories About Some of My Clients That Have Been Approved

James, Janice, Robert already had the disability tax credit and were claiming it on their tax returns every year. Since the tax credit was for themselves, being the ones with the disability. The advocates working for Disability Tax Credit Consultant Services were able to maximize the credit for an additional $4,500 for James, another $5,000 for Janice and $4,000 more for Robert.

Sarah, Sherry, Tammy, already had the disability tax credit and were claiming it on their tax returns every year. They were claiming for their children and had been approved several years before. They asked Monique to look into possible more funds that could be in existence. Sherry received an additional $3,600 for her 15 year old daughter, Sarah received $8,000 more for her son with cystic fibrosis and Tammy received $7,200 for her son with a developmental disability. It pays to ask questions.

Sandra approached Monique in 2010 in regards to her daughter Erica. Erica is a 20 year old young woman with a personality disorder, ADHD and a learning disability. Sandra had applied for the DTC for Erica and was denied. After an exhaustive appeal, it was denied again. CRA suggested she hire a lawyer and take it to court. After reviewing the information provided by Sandra, it was clear to Monique what had gone wrong. Within 4 months Erica was approved and Sandra received $32,800. Mom was then able to pay for therapy for her daughter and invest in an RDSP for her future thus improving Erica's quality of life.

A senior living in North Frontenac was living in a dilapidated house. The roof had caved in and was leaking severally. A tarp had been placed on the roof for protection from the elements. Monique applied on the homeowner’s behalf and they successfully received a government grant to repair their roof. This client also received the DTC amount of $11,389.

A single mother of a fifteen year old boy with a severe learning disability ended up with no family physician for her son. Their previous physician left the country, leaving them unable to attain their medical records. Monique successfully found them a physician and the new doctor filled out the DTC application which resulted in this single mother receiving an excess of $13,000.

A bachelor confined to a wheel chair was living in a motel room. He had the disability tax credit and had been approved for it many years ago. He was claiming it on his income tax every year. His inquiry was to see if there was any other way to access more of a refund for him. After asking him a few pertinent questions we felt we may be able to help. Four months later we were able to recapture $16,000. He was able to improve his living conditions substantially by moving into an apartment.