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General Questions

What If I'm Unemployed?

Current employment income isn’t a prerequisite for getting the Disability Tax Credit. If you or your spouse paid taxes in the past you can apply the tax credit for up to 10 previous years.

Is This Legitimate?

I have been helping clients with disabilities get the support they need for more than 30 years. I have successfully assisted 100’s of clients to get approved for the Disability Tax Credit. There are no surprises or hidden fees.


Can I Apply For a Family Member?

Yes you can; you can also apply for a deceased family member under certain conditions.


Working With Monique

How Much Do You Charge?

I charge nothing up front for helping you to complete the Disability Tax Credit Application. I work with you and your Doctor(s) to get you approved. After you are approved, I charge a 20% fee based on the amount of tax reduction you receive for the last 10 years. If you aren’t approved, there is no charge for my services.

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How Do You Help Me Get Approved?

Because of my long personal experience accessing the Disability Tax Credit, I have learned what the CRA expects to see in an application. I work with you, your advisors and the CRA to make sure the necessary information and supporting documentation is provided to support your case. This gives you the best possible chance for a positive outcome.


Disability Tax Credit Questions

Which Medical Conditions Can Qualify?

You can consult this list of medical conditions that may result in a disability.

Having the condition doesn’t necessarily mean you will be approved because your application needs to show that you are disabled as a result of having the condition. As a result, the list is not conclusive. If you have a condition not listed contact me to find out about your eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit.

Why Are Some Applications Rejected?

It’s frequently a lack of information or incorrectly completed documentation. In addition, if the CRA needs additional information to support your request, they will contact your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t respond within the stated amount of time your application will be rejected. I help you to make sure all requests for information are dealt with so your application can proceed.

What is The Disability Tax Credit?

The Disability Tax Credit is a nonrefundable tax credit that reduces the amount of income tax you owe to the CRA. To be eligible, you need to establish that you have a medical condition that has a negative effect on your ablity to carry out routine daily activities. The details of this condition need to be verified by a doctor.


Application and Refund Process

What if My Application Has Been Denied?

It’s common for 1st time applications to be rejected for people that apply on their own and without help. It’s a complicated application that requires correctly completed supporting documents in order to be approved. You probably weren’t approved because there were mistakes or omissions in your submitted application. Your application may be resubmitted. I can help you to make sure everything is covered off on before you submit the application so you have the highest chance of success.

What if My Doctor Won't Complete the Forms?

It’s not uncommon for Doctors to define a disabled person differently than the CRA. They may feel a disabled person is either mentally handicapped or in a wheelchair but this limited definition is incorrect. If this is the case we will work with you and your Doctor to fully explain the CRA requirements so your application can be completed.

How Much of a Refund Can I Expect?

This is dependant upon the numbers of years you have been disabled and your province of residence. If you have been disabled for 10 years or more you can expect your refund to be in the range of $10,000-$45,000 as long as you and/or your spouse have been paying taxes.


Do I have to claim my refund as income on next year's taxes?

No, but the government will pay you a small amount of interest in the lump sum amount and that interest is considered income for the next year’s taxes.


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