Effective and Compassionate Disability Tax Credit Service

What is the cost of our services?

Disabilty Benefits



  • Our telephone or in person consultation is complimentary.
  • Advice, referrals, advocating, is at no charge.
  • Our fee is 20% of the lump sum amount you receive from the DTC in tax credit back filing plus HST.
  • If for some reason your claim is denied after all reviews and appeals are exhausted, then no fee will be charged. Our success rate with applications filed is 99%, and our success rate for appeals is 95%.
  • If you have currently been denied the disability tax credit, we have a 95% success rate for reviews and appeals.
  • Our services are complimentary, until you get paid. No upfront cost. No hidden costs. No administration fees, unless you’re approved for the disability tax credit and receive a refund. Then and only then does the 20% fee apply.